Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updates and my birthday!

Well, it's been over a month...and I wish I could say that was because I've been super busy doing all kinds of exciting things, but it's not. I've been working. Spring is our busiest time of the year, and it is not fun. But I'm surviving.

That doesn't mean I don't have a few exciting things to share, though. I'm 27 as of Monday, and we celebrated my husband's birthday in March! The only significance 27 really has is that it's three years away from 30.

As always, I decided it was best for me to buy my own gift from my husband rather than him getting me anything...aka taking a birthday shopping trip! It was all spent at Hobby Lobby on things for our apartment. I am not a decorator, so I always end up in a bland state of nothingness in-between holidays. Luckily, almost everything at Hobby Lobby was 50% off!

New lamp and mini-clock

I took Friday off, went shopping, then Ross and I ate dinner at one of my favorite steakhouses in Charlotte, Beef and Bottle. Saturday, I met up with a few friends at Cajun Canvas and created a masterpiece!

It's "Paris in the Rain," and if you look close enough, you can see the couple dancing under a red umbrella on a sidewalk covered in reflective puddles. So, that was the idea. It was my first "wine and paint" experience and certainly won't be the last! We had a lot of fun. Sunday, Ross and I had a great birthday lunch with my fam, so it was definitely a very good pre-birthday weekend!

On a side note: finally started reading The Hunger Games. Finished Catching Fire last week, and hope to start Mockingjay tonight! I've been a little distracted with our shiny new cable tv upgrade...HBO fo free (for a couple months, anyway)!