Friday, July 18, 2008

more from the little black box of magic

I realized this morning while listening to my ipod (which is referred to by many as the "little black box of magic") that I neglected to mention an artist I am really loving right now...Matthew Good. And it's definitely worth mentioning. "Load Me Up" was the first song I heard by him (or technically the Matthew Good Band). I guess that song came out my freshmen year of high school which would be 1999, gah I'm old! I saw the video for the song on MTV and I've liked the song ever since then.
I can't really remember what prompted me to listen to more of his stuff, but not too long ago I dowloaded his greatest hits cd called In a Coma (it also includes songs from the Matthew Good Band days) and I listen to it all the time. I really like his lyrics and sound, he's one of those artists who sings like they are genuinely putting emotion into what they are singing. Enough of my amateur analyzation though. "Load Me Up," "Apparitions," "Strange Days," and "Indestructible" are probably my top four favorite songs. but I could definitely listen to the greatest hits cd the whole way through and like every one. He's an artist I would say is certainly worth checking out.

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