Sunday, March 1, 2009

I like techno music, but...

I'm currently listening to the new single entitled "Zero" from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs upcoming album...not really sure how I feel about it. Well, I think I like the single. I think. It's all techno-ish. I'm a fan of electronic/techno stuff usually, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Maybe it will turn out to be a great album, I'm not too sure though. David Sitek (TV On the Radio) did production work on the album, which I'd think would mean good things. I'd say the band has the talent to branch out into whatever they want. We shall see.

In other exciting news, I am typing this on my new macbook! woo! I love it so far. It's taking a little getting used to, but that was expected. I'd love to play around more with GarageBand but I don't really know anything about it nor have I had time to learn. Hopefully soon.

Piano lessons are coming along nicely. However I still don't feel like there's been a "clicking point" between what I've learned and everything I already knew. Kind of frustrating, but patience is a virtue I guess.

I've been on a big pop music kick lately. Kind of embarassing, but I look at it more as my ability to like any genre of music (even the kind that doesn't actually require a lot of talent). I bought Lady GaGa's cd a couple weeks ago - like, physically purchased the album. Very rare for me, much less for it to be an artist like that. I'm liking it though, there are some catchy songs in addition to her radio hit "Just Dance." I also can't stop listening to "Circus" by Britney Spears or "Sucka for Love" by Danity Kane. What is wrong with me?! This phase will pass soon though. I semi-retract my earlier statement, actually. Pop music doesn't always equate to a lack of talent. Just more often than not.

Speaking of radio hits- I really can't get enough of Kanye's 808s & Hearbreak. I thought for sure "Heartless" would be getting old at this point, but I still like it even the eleventy billionth time I hear it in my car. but "RoboCop" is still my favorite track off the album. I couldn't agree more with Carey's synopsis of the record, so just go read that.

I'm excited about a lot of upcoming albums this spring...TORI AMOS, among others. Of course I am excited about that. The album is titled Abnormally Attracted to Sin if you are interested. 

Well, it's time to stare out the window for a bit and admire the snow. Maybe progress on to syncing my ipod up to the new mac, which I haven't done yet. Sledding would be GREAT, but I may or may not be the only in Shelby who realizes that going out in less than an inch of snow will most likely not kill you. ooh! "Bruised" by The Bens just popped up on my party shuffle. Good song. :) I'll stop rambling now.

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