Monday, August 15, 2011

Vanessa Carlton: she's finally there

Are the echoes coming back to you, is wisdom seeing patterns on a loop, like a blanket around'll figure it out, and get good again...
-Vanessa Carlton, "Get Good"

Self-fulfilling prophecy, maybe? I am loving her new album, Rabbits on the Run (released July 26, 2011). All along, I've had faith in this one. Maybe because I'm big on the girl+piano thing. I can even remember back when I first heard "A Thousand Miles" and then saw the music video with Carlton seated at the piano. During a time when my choice of singers of the Tori Amos variety were few and far between (they still are), Vanessa Carlton was a tiny bit of fresh air. Unfortunately, she was plagued for a while by the whole Mandy Moore syndrome. Ew. Over-produced, overly-pop crap. But finally, she has risen above all that.

The first track I heard was "I Don't Want to Be a Bride," which was the first indication to me of something a little not-so-mainstream and perhaps a little bit of realness. It's still my favorite track off the album. I think it's audibly noticeable that the gap in time between her last album and Rabbits on the Run was the difference of four years. Vocally for her and lyrically. This is finally the depth I was looking for from someone who I thought had the potential. It all comes together. Other favorites include "Fairweather Friend," "Get Good," and "London." From someone else who can say it better than I can:

"Rabbits on the Run is a deeply satisfying 37-minute romp that will make you remember why you really liked Vanessa Carlton once upon a time. And don’t lie. You did. A lot of people will say this is Carlton’s best album since Be Not Nobody, but I say this is her best album ever."
-Adam Finley (perfect review - read more here)

Also, if you're interested in a little more background on the album, this video is definitely worth watching:

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