Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Just a note- everyone should take a look at the new blog I listed under my "frequented blogs and sites" list to your right...well, actually I'll just give you the link: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/waltrumfelt. Walt Rumfelt's story is pretty amazing, so I encourage you to take a look at his journal. He also spoke at The Foundation last week, and if you go to their blog (that link is also on my list) you can download the testimony that he gave. A short summary- Walt went on a mission trip to Nepal with my church here in Shelby and came back fine, but two weeks later fell ill to some unknown disease (doctors to this day have no idea what it was) and came close to losing his life. It's an amazing story of how God works in our lives and through us even in the most difficult times. I can't really do justice to the story here so I'll let you look into it.

In other news, my best friend got married this past weekend! I don't even know if she reads this but I am so happy for her and her new husband! (: yaaaay weddings! I have to mention something I just read in one of Walt Rumfelt's journal entries. He was thanking his wife for all she had done and talking about marriage in general and this is the excerpt I really liked:
"God doesn't see marriage as a contract but a covenant. Tommy Nelson says that when you marry that person, you make them the right person at that moment. In God's economy, there is no turning back once you say I do."
Wow...what would our society be like if people really honored that covenant? It's kind of scary to think about how casually marriage is looked upon now. Really scary, actually. But I especially like the part about "when you marry that person, you make them the right person." It seems like so many times people abandon marriages because they feel they just aren't right for each other anymore, or they don't love each other the way they used to. Commitment is a choice, and I hate how people act like it's something they have no control over. I am thankful that I have two parents to look up to in this department. Are there times my parents didn't think they loved each other anymore? I'm sure. Are there times they felt like the romance was gone? Most definitely. But they make a choice everyday to put in 100% and make things work...and they've come out on the better side. I just pray that my friends who are making that step will find the courage and the strength to stick things out. Anyway, didn't think I'd go off on that tangent but I did.

Onto other things. (: I have liked The Weepies for a while now but their new album was released today, I've downloaded and so far it's great. They have such a good simple sound and I always love their lyrics. um...what else...Alanis Morissette's new single "Underneath" is not too bad either. I'm listening to Lifehouse as we speak and I'm loving the songs they have on their myspace. I've always liked Lifehouse and I definitely love their new stuff. ok that was all really random but that's it for now!

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