Tuesday, September 30, 2008

randomness for this week

Ben Folds new album entitled Way to Normal was released today and I'm sure it's great. Ben Folds doesn't put out music that isn't awesome. AND one of the songs features Regina Spektor. Such a great combination. Can't wait to listen to more of it. Anberlin also released an album, I'm not sure what to expect there- I don't really understand why "Feel Good Drag" was re-released on the album. I liked Cities a lot...so I don't know if this new one will be quite as impressive.

Ok so, the Kings of Leon album...just keeps getting better. It came out last week and I've had more time to listen to all the songs and they are ALL great. It is so rare for me to find an album that I actually like every song from. My favorites right now are "I Want You," and "Manhattan," and "Notion." I would LOVE to see them in Atlanta in November, but I doubt I will pull that off. Why can't they just come to Charlotte?

I've also been listening to some older favorites recently, a couple of them being songs by Milla Jovovich. You probably know her better as a model and/or actress. I've always seen her mostly do modeling for L'Oreal, but she's done a lot of acting too. If you've seen The Fifth Element, she plays Leeloo. Anyway. She also has a good voice, which is surprising because usually I would say that models/actresses need to stick with their respective careers and stay away from attempts at making albums. But I think Milla's attempt turned out semi-successful. She obviously didn't have much mainstream success, and most of you probably still have no idea who she is. Her sound is kind of quirky, but I definitely think she has a pretty voice. The songs I like are "Gentleman Who Fell," and "It's Your Life"...you can check them out on itunes. In an interview, she described the album as "a mix between Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, This Mortal Coil, and the Cocteau Twins.
" I love Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins, and like Sinead O'Connor a lot...so I suppose that explains why I like her sound.

Anyone remember the song "Kiss the Rain" by Billie Myers? It came out in 1997-ish I think and was on the radio quite a bit...a pretty typical cheesy pop song. It popped up on my ipod a couple weeks ago and I've been listening to it fairly frequently since then. I don't really like her voice, but somehow it sounds good for the song. I liked it in the seventh grade for whatever reason and I still like it!

In other randomness, Halloween is getting closer and I am so excited! I love decorating for the fall season. :) yay pumpkins!

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