Tuesday, October 7, 2008

new music tuesdaaaaay

So I'm really excited about this week's new music!! Lots of good stuff.

Sarah McLachlan released Closer - The Best of Sarah McLachlan, finally a studio compilation of some of her best songs. It goes as far back as "Vox," her first single that was released in 1988, and the second disc includes some of her more recent hits as well as several brand new songs. Up until now I think she had only released live compilations and remix albums but not a studio collection. I enjoy her live stuff but I'm glad I'll finally be able to get a greatest hits cd with the original versions of the songs.

On the flipside of that, Matthew Good released Live at Massey Hall and I am very stoked about this. It includes older-ish and newer-ish songs, including "Load Me Up" and "Apparations," and basically every other song of his that I like. I had heard a live version of "Strange Days" and loved it (you can probably find it on youtube), and so now live versions of all my other favorite songs are together on one album. yay.

Another one of my favorite artists came out with a new album today - Rachael Yamagata! I loved her album Happenstance but that was released in 2004 so I'm excited that she finally has a new one out. It's called Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart and anyone who enjoys chill music should give this a listen. Rachael Yamagata is a fantastic singer/songwriter. I don't think their music sounds the same...but her style kind of reminds me of Damien Rice. Moving on.

Also on the radar, The Streets (composed of hip-hop/rap artist Mike Skinner) new album called Everything is Borrowed. I'm loving the title track off the album- I actually heard a clip of it on the UK iTunes store a couple weeks ago, and now it's out on the US store. I don't exactly know why his music appeals to me because it's not really like any other music I listen to...but I heard the song called "It's Too Late" in the coffee shop at ASU one time and I've been hooked since. In the words of someone's review of the new album on iTunes, "he has some really dope beats and excellent lyrics." I would agree with that and say it's worth checking out for sure.

Let's see, other releases that I'm not going to elaborate on too much...
Newsboys (Live) - Houston We Are GO ...if that's up your alley. Not really my cup of tea anymore, but for all of you out there who <3 contemporary Christian music, I'm sure you will enjoy this as it includes some of my personal youth group favorites "Shine," and "Entertaining Angels."

The Sippy Cups - One Day Soon - EP. Ok actually I have no clue what or who this is (other than it's obviously children's music). I just saw it listed on iTunes and I have to say that if I ever made children's music, THAT would have been the name I'd have chosen for my band. awesome.

And last, but certainly not least:
Tori Amos - Live at Montreaux 1991/1992. SO excited about this. All of Tori's music is equally amazing because every album has its own sound and meaning. However, personally, my favorites come from her early years (the Little Earthquakes era). At that point in time, Tori in concert consisted only of her and the piano, which I love...I would venture to say that sometimes songs are way more meaningful without a full band. Anyway, I'm totally disappointed this one isn't on iTunes but oh well.

that's all for today and hopefully I won't go bankrupt buying all this new music.

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