Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blue October show + other stuff

SO in recent news, I saw Blue October a couple weekends ago in Charlotte at Amos' Southend...awesome show. I have been a big fan of Blue October for quite a while, so I was happy that I could finally catch them in CLT. They mostly played songs off their new album entitled Approaching Normal, which I hadn't really listened to. One of my favorite new ones was "My Never," and I also didn't realize it was connected to Breaking Dawn (Twilight series). Of course they still played a few older ones like "Congratulations" (one of my absolute favorites). You can never fully appreciate the sound and energy of a band until you hear them live, and Blue October is definitely worth seeing. Justin is awesome, as is the rest of the band. Amos' Southend is also a great venue if you live in the Charlotte area. I loved the atmosphere AND they have decently priced drinks...I definitely plan on going back. I should have bought the new album before the concert, but I didn't. I do have it now though, and I can't stop listening. "Dirt Room," and "Picking Up the Pieces" are two favorites right now.

I finally bought the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, and I'm still getting used to it. It's almost dance party-ish. Not sure how I feel about that, which is exactly what I said when I first heard "Zero." I'm still in that same place. But I'm glad the itunes version includes acoustic versions of several of the songs- adds a little bit of variation to the mix. I can say that I always admire bands for going where they haven't been before in terms of sound. I think it's a mark of a real artist (or in the YYYs case, artists). 

Kings of Leon was in Charlotte recently as well and I could kick myself for not going. Saw an interesting fact pop up on twitter from John Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) - Kings of Leon's new album actually sold more copies in the UK than Coldplay's newest album. I knew Kings of Leon was huge in the UK, but that's pretty darn impressive. Ahh well, I'm sure they'll roll into this area sometime again in the near future. 

I suppose I'll leave you with my spin list for the week!

1. Dirt Room -Blue October
2. Picking Up the Pieces -Blue October
3. Hysteric -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Cherry-Coloured Funk -Charlotte Martin
5. Keep Me In Your Pocket -Charlotte Martin
6. Ickis Wish -I Nine
7. Come Around -M.I.A. (feat. Timbaland)
8. Stoned -Dido
9. Anne -Santigold
10. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. -Ryan Adams

I know, quite the range of genres there. Keeps my iPod interesting. ;)

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doniree said...

Ok, so I'm about to email you about the music swap and now I'm tempted to play with the matches and put you with me because I LOVE YOUR TASTE! "Zero" is one of my favorite songs on the radio, and I've loved Blue October for awhile.

Awesome! :)

~ Lily (but my current log-in might tell you otherwise)