Wednesday, August 26, 2009

why August 25th was a good day.

Imogen Heap's new album Ellipse finally came out yesterday...I have been waiting on this for a long time! She has a way of fusing words and sound like no other. The sound is similar to the last album, but in my opinion, that's what sets her apart (i.e. use of the vocoder). I'm all for new sounds, but in this case, her "sound" is central to what makes her Imogen Heap. I'd actually be kind of disappointed if the record didn't have her signature innovative style. I mean, Imogen Heap wouldn't be Imogen Heap if she abandoned it all and we were presented with acoustic guitars and boring pop-wannabe tunes.

I've probably listened to all the songs at least once- but the tracks "Wait It Out" and "Half Life" make the whole album completely worth $9.99 to me. or however much it costs on iTunes. I actually ended up buying the cd off her website ("Immi's Favourite Edition"), and that speaks volumes for me. I rarely (I'm talking 0.5 times a year) buy physical cd's- only when the album is so completely great and unique that you need to have it in your hands. It's too good to be shoved on the iTunes shelf, if you will.

I'm also excited about listening to Ingrid Michaelson's new stuff (her new album entitled Everybody was released yesterday as well). I noticed "The Chain" is on the track list- one of my favorites from her. A live version of the song is on Be OK, and I'm sure the new version is wonderful as well. I hope the chorus stays the the live version it is sung as a round (I don't even know if that's the right phrase) and that's what makes the song. I'm also liking "Soldier," which I think can be heard on her myspace.

Anyway. The lyrics to "Half Life" are too good not to be posted. So I'll leave you with that. Last I checked, the whole cd was available for streaming at Imogen's myspace so go listen. :)

I knew that I'd get like this again,
that's why I try to keep at bay,
be a hundred percent when I'm with you and then
the perfect heart's length away
the stickler is you've played not one beat wrong
you never promised me anything
even sat me down, warned me just how they fall
I knew the odds were I'd never win, yet here I am

it's a half life
with you as my quarterback
a daft life

my self worth measured in text-back tempo,
it's been two days and eight minutes too slow,
well there may well be others but I still like to pretend
that I'm the one you really want to grow old with
I've got a schedule to stick to, got a world to keep sweet,
it's so much to everyone all the time
will you ever slow down, will I ever come first,
the universe contracts to size

it's a half life
with you as my quarterback
a daft life

you know you'll never be alone,
you know you'll always be loved
and maybe you'll never need more than that.
of other sapless little loves, what's to become of us,
does it even register on your conscience?
long for one last showdown from a box in a crowd
air compress tight to explode
I'm clinching my ticket to the only way out
as you disappear in a puff of smoke

it's a half life
with you as my quarterback
a daft life

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