Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's, YYY, etc.

I would like to begin by stating that I had no intentions of watching the VMA's, and I really didn't...I happened to catch the performance of Muse, probably the only good performance there actually was. My facebook newsfeed exploded with remarks about Kanye, I watched on youtube, and was not surprised. Kanye is the biggest asshole this side of, well pretty much the universe. I'm not gonna lie though, 808s & Heartbreak is one of my faves.

Lady Gaga, just wow. Chick is INSANE! Her performance on the VMA's (which I also viewed on youtube) was um, freaky to say the least. If it's at all possible to top that, the music video for "Paparazzi" is even more weird. I love her though. You have to give her credit for being different. She first caught my attention with "Just Dance," which is odd because I normally couldn't care less about the pop crap that's constantly on the radio. But I liked her voice, and she sounded like she had potential to be *gasp* actually talented- also she didn't fall in the same line of the Beyonces/Britneys/etc. The Fame is a fantastic pop album that I definitely don't regret buying. And I love watching her play the piano. You can check that out for yourself here. I would venture to say that she is the new combination of Annie Lennox+Cyndi Lauper+Madonna. I mean seriously, anyone remember the weirdness in the video for "No More I Love You's??" The first 30 seconds should jog your memory. She has by no means attained Annie Lennox status...but is worthy of a small comparison I think. I put her on the same level as Madonna in regards to shock value. As for Cyndi Lauper, "Boys Boys Boys" reminds me of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Ok, so they are obviously two different messages but it's got that same rally-all-the-girls-together thing going for it. And both singers have an outlandish/flashy/weird persona.

I'm also partial to singers who wear flamboyant clothing. I've said this many times before, but my theory is- if you are THAT famous, why not go all out and wear the craziest stuff you can find?? My favorite outfits include this get up from Karen O:

and the bubble outfit from Lady Gaga:

Really, if you could wear bubbles for an outfit...who would pass that up??

Anyway. My recent jamz, aside from Lady Gaga, include songs from the IS IS - EP from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Rockers to Swallow" is a perfect introduction to the band if you're not familiar with them. Well, maybe not a perfect introduction. A good way to ease into the YYY would be "Maps." But the former is a good picture of the sound and style that defines them. Actually, the entire EP is. I find myself constantly wondering how did I not like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before this year?? but it gives me a lot of good music to catch up on. :)

Still enjoying Imogen's new album as the instrumental versions of the songs more than I thought I would. Perfect for when you need some relaxing music that isn't Enya.

On a completely unrelated note, I am trying to read four books right now. For the life of me, I don't know how people who read multiple books at one time do it. I'm not much of a reader though, I probably should have started slow. But it's 11:30pm, and Harry Potter/Living Dead in Dallas/Shoe Addicts Anonymous/Such a Pretty Fat wait for me.

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Crimefish22 said...

I've been catching up on your blog. Solid posts as always. I watched the Kanye appearance on Leno. Did you think he was contrite or do you think his pride was just wounded. I'd like to think he was sincere. I dig his music but his borish antics will affect that if he doesn't take a step back.

I was pleased to see another person in the world enjoys the song "Spaceship" by Angie Aparo. I've always liked that song, and it holds quite a bit of nostalgia for me. It came out in '99 when I first moved out of the house and got an apartment with Easy Eddie Voorhees. Fun, but destitute times. The confusing lyrics and sweeping sound of "Spaceship" provided a soundtrack for it all.