Monday, February 14, 2011

comfortable...a valentine's day story

So, I've heard that things kind of go down hill after marriage. Haha. Not in a bad way, though. Actually, let me rephrase that -- marriage may be the ultimate level of comfort. I'm thinking we are well on our way, and engagement is certainly a step in that direction. Hence, this conversation:

Ross: What do you want to do for Valentine's Day?
Me: Eh, let's just do lunch on Sunday or something. (in an effort to avoid any large crowds)
...after said meal...
Ross: So, want to do anything else?
Me: Nah, I'm kind of tired. (note: it was 5:30pm at that point)
Ross: Yeah, me too.

And we proceed to hang out/watch an episode of The Office then call it a night.

Funny how things get real when you've been dating two and a half years and are engaged. Not to say that we still don't go out from time to time and do fun stuff, but it's a lot easier now to just be chill and not really care. I think that's good, as long as you can keep a good balance. And really, the larger part of this is that I'm slowly realizing how precious weekends are where you don't have anything to do. They are few and far between, it seems. And when I don't have much on the agenda for Saturday or Sunday, I like to maintain a high level of nothingness if at all possible. For the record, I had mentioned to Ross that on the way home from Sunday's early dinner that we may need to "stop by the Coach store" on the way home for a potential Valentine's Day gift/purchase, and he was willing. I was tired and had no intention of actually doing that, so it was more of a test. He passed.

In other news...didn't watch the Grammys. I did catch Gaga's performance, though (which was actually pretty lackluster compared to some other ones). I think, after the past couple years, nothing she does is really shocking anymore. We've seen the kermit outfit, the bubble one, the meat one, yada yada yada. So she shows up in an egg? *yawn* I also caught the last part of The Avett Brothers performance...LOVE them. (So I lied. I watched a tiny bit.)

I'm getting bored, and I need some new music. Tomorrow = new PJ Harvey. Can't wait!

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Audrey Allure said...

Haha, It would be really shocking if Lady Gaga showed up somewhere in casual jeans, a top, and a cardigan & no crazy stuff.