Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dumbledore is not gay.

So umm...Dumbledore is gay?? J.K. Rowling supposedly "outed" him recently when she made some kind of appearance at Carnegie Hall. Uh, really? Seriously? Completely regardless of where you stand on the issue of homosexuality, that is the most retarded thing ever. It would be different if she had really hinted at it throughout the series, or said it earlier before the books were finished. But after it's all said and done, books have been written, movies have been made...and she's like, "Oh, by the way, Dumbledore, that major wizard character in my books- yeah, he's gay." Either she is telling the truth and he really was a gay character, or it's a publicity stunt. I'm leaning towards the latter. Like I said, it would be different if had it been something she gradually brought into the series or announced before she was finished with series. But all the sudden she decides he's gay? It would be like a Disney writer going back and saying Captain Hook was a cross dresser. It just doesn't make sense. I do not believe for a second that J.K. Rowling went into the HP series with intentions of having Dumbledore be a gay character. But obviously, I am not her. I think it's just something she all the sudden decided after writing the series. Makes no sense to me. Now I'm going to get back to watching The Chamber of Secrets. I'm attempting to pick up any hints from Dumbledore's character that would imply he was gay, and so far I'm getting none.

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