Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Robyn resurfacing

So I'm sure you all remember Robyn..."Show Me Love," and "Do You Know (What It Takes)" were two of her more popular singles that hit the charts. Well quite a while ago, in my completely random searching for music, I happened upon Sweden's iTunes music store. I then stumbled across her newer self-titled album which was released last April. Not quite "new music" but I think the album is kind of evolving with new songs being released, so it is in a sense "new." and SO good! I don't know why she fell off the face of the earth (or the face of America, rather) but this album certainly improves on Robyn is Here (the one that was popular here in the states). At least that's my humble opinion. I think the music on her newer album definitely could compete with pop songs that are on the charts right now. She has a voice that you can easily identify, and her music on the airwaves would be a nice break from Rihanna, Ciara, Kelis, etc. Don't get me wrong, I listen those artists, but I'm always up for something a little different. I think her music is a little more techno-laden than most of what we are currently hearing from pop artists in the United States.

I might be the only one thinking all this, because you can't even get the newer album on iTunes (in the U.S. store). For that matter, you can't even get Robyn is Here in it's entirety. Oh well. You can still check out her myspace (see below).

Today's recommended listening: Robyn <-- click to go to her myspace page
Recommended tunes:
"With Every Heartbeat" (the regular version and the Live Lounge piano version is also great)
"Be Mine" (you might be able to find it at Project Playlist)

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