Monday, November 26, 2007

new music player!

So I have a little music player to the left so you can experience some of the greatness that is the music I am listening to!

Kate Bush is just fabulous. I stumbled upon her music before I knew that a lot of people tie her sound to Tori Amos. I like her voice and I think her music is unique and good. Not to mention the fact that David Gilmour helped kick start her career because he liked her work so much. So you should listen to "Running Up That Hill" if it hasn't played on here already, or if you immediately turned the volume down upon hearing the sound.

Today's rant: I am annoyed with people boycotting "The Golden Compass" movie. I mean really...I understand a person's motivation for wanting to protect their children. And if you feel that it would be wise for your young children not to see it, then by all means don't take them. But as far as adults go - I say read the books before you take such a strong stance against them. All I'm asking is that people be informed and educated before they decide to boycott anything. Or at least do some research on both sides. Another thing that pisses me off is the constant picking and choosing of what is wrong and right. Take Harry Potter, for example. Seriously, people. If you let your children watch Disney movies, then Harry Potter really isn't THAT different. Disney movies are almost always comprised entirely of magic, witches, fairies, and countless other mystical elements that have the potential to damage a child's view of reality. I specifically recall a scene towards the end of "Sleeping Beauty" when the *witch* declares that the prince is battling against her and that she will summon "all the powers of hell" to fight him when he attempts to rescue Sleeping Beauty. Pretty blatant, if you ask me. Yet millions of Christians let their children watch that movie. If you are going to be whole-heartedly against something, at least be consistent with it. I could name so many people who are probably boycotting this movie who have let their eight year olds watch gruesome horror movies that desensitize them to death and violence. And they probably are the same ones who let their children play disgusting and violent video games...oh how I could go on. But I'm going to stop now because I've discussed this enough.

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