Monday, December 17, 2007

ASU Nat'l Championship #3!!! and other things

All I wanted for Christmas was an ASU 3peat...and I got it!! I spent this past weekend in Chattanooga watching/celebrating AppState win their third consecutive national championship!!! wooooooooo!!! Six of my good friends and I went together and it was a blast. The final score was 49-21. The Delaware (opposing team) fans were pretty rude from what I saw walking around the stadium, so I have no sympathy for them. Even though the game wasn't really close, ASU has had a knack in past games for being way ahead and then letting the other team tie up the game in the third quarter- so every minute was important. I love how, at the beginning of the game, Delaware fans were chanting "We're not Michigan." Obviously they're not, and I have a feeling Michigan would probably run them into the ground just like we did. Anyway though. ASU won and that is all that matters!

Eight days til Christmas...EIGHT DAYS! I can't believe it. The one thing I always hate about the Christmas season is how fast it flies by. It's my favorite time of year, but it's gone just like that and then you have to wait another whole year. Boo! But I love Christmas.

Now on to other things. Imogen Heap is currently writing her third album and I am so stoked. It doesn't come out for a while, but she has a new song coming out in February that very possibly will be used for the tv show "Heroes." She has a video blog that she updates every week or so, and she's been playing clips of the song and it sounds GREAT. I can't wait! Here is video blog #15 where she discloses part of the song that was sorta kinda inspired by the Foo Fighters after she heard them in concert.

If you haven't listened to Imogen Heap before, you should. Her music is wonderful and best of all - it doesn't sound like anything else (that's hard to find nowadays). Click hereto go to her myspace. Listen to "Hide and Seek" if you've never heard it before. Ok well that's it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! :)

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