Monday, January 7, 2008

Foo, Sia, and more.

So I am immensely enjoying the most recent release by a little band known as the Foo Fighters. It came out in September I I'm a little late, but it happens. I heard one song I liked on it and immediately knew the entire album was worth buying. I probably should've known that even without hearing any of the tracks. I don't think they ever disappoint. Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out. You can listen to one of my favorites, "The Pretender," on their myspace. The song I initially loved from the album was "But, Honestly" and so far it is still my favorite. I haven't listened to the album the whole way through yet, so yeah. David Grohl is freakin awesome and so is the band. It's such a relief to buy an album that is completely and totally worth my $9.99. Such a rare delight.

In other randomness, Five Guys (the restaurant) seems to have a decent music playlist. I guess it's a cd or something that's constantly on rotation, but it's good. Today, the song called "Without Love" by Donna Lewis was playing. I'm sure you remember her and her hit song entitled "I Love You Always Forever" circa the sixth grade. "Without Love" is a really good track as well. I mean, who knew she had more than one good song?

On my myspace page, I have a song called "Numb" by Sia playing. Sia is yet another unique sound that has managed to emerge among the commonplace and mundane. You can listen to her music on iTunes, of course, or on her myspace. I don't really know any of the songs on her myspace, but "Breathe Me" is a good one and I think the video is somewhere on there.

So much good music, so little time! Right now I have a queue of songs to buy as I wait for my laptop to be back in commission. The stupid power cord broke. It's my second cord in like sixth months! Toshiba makes a good laptop, but not a good power cord to go with it. I've been listening to Pandora Radio a lot since I'm without iTunes (on my laptop), so I've found plenty of fabulous new songs there. I have a link to Pandora over to the right of this blog, but I'll explain it to you. You go to, and enter the name of an artist you really like. Pandora finds songs that (are supposed to) sound very similar to the one you like. I've found that Pandora usually does a really good job. It's a good way to discover new music in the way of what genres/sounds you enjoy. And of course since it isn't music by that same artist, you get a little variation which can lead to new favorites, which can lead to more variations, and so on and so on. Obviously I am entirely too familiar with the process, but I love discovering music.

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