Sunday, January 13, 2008

So new on the music-to-discuss list is Jose (pronounced "josie") Vanders. I originally discovered her music via (that's kind of embarassing and I promise I don't visit that site on a regular basis). Then, I started to see these little clips on MTV of a singer followed by the name "Kate Nash" flashing on the screen. I'm pretty sure Kate Nash is Jose Vanders. Actually not, but they sound so alike it isn't even funny. I first thought maybe "Kate Nash" was a show on MTV that Jose Vanders was doing the music for or something, but I looked it up and it turns out Kate Nash is a singer. They both have this ridiculously thick British accent...which might have a lot to do with why I thought they were the same person.

I haven't really heard any of Kate Nash's music other than the MTV clips. However, I do like Jose Vanders. The accent gets annoying after a while, but she has some good songs. I can't say that I like all of the songs I've heard on her myspace, but I really like a couple. The song called "Faces Going Places" is cute, and I very much like "Alberto Morrocco." Her songs are kind of abstract, kind of. You might could say she's a tiny bit Regina Spektor-ish. You can actually listen to "Faces Going Places" here:

Anyway. On the list of things that made my Friday (yesterday): I was at Harris-Teeter on Fri morning, and I was in a ridiculously long line to check out and I only had a couple bottles of water. A cashier opened another register and told *me* that she could ring me up. Well another lady walking up behind me with a cart full of groceries hears the cashier tell ME this, but proceeds to push her cart up to the newly-opened register! I, of course, back down and kind of gesture to the cashier to let the other woman go ahead (even though it was clearly my turn). But the cashier said to the lady "no, I'm sorry ma'am, I told her I would ring her up first so I can't let you cut in...sorry." HAHA! I snickered at her on the inside. It's the little victories in life! Hope you enjoyed that story.


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