Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stand Back

So this next video has to be one of most favorite live performances- Stevie Nicks performing "Stand Back" in 1983 on late night tv. I think her voice sounds really good in this particular performance. I mean- I'm a fan of Stevie Nicks in general, but I don't have a problem admitting that I think her voice tends to be on the very-nasal-sounding side of things. That nasal-sound just isn't as defined in this video and I like that. Also I LOVE this song. Stevie Nicks is freakin awesome. I always love the black flowy outfits with the really big sleeves and platform shoes she wears. I read in some article that she didn't like always being so much shorter than everyone on stage (she's like 5'1) so she always wore really high platform shoes. I can totally identify with that sentiment (not the on-stage part, of course). Anyway, she definitely has a spot on my list of the best female performing artists. If you can get past the cheese-tastic 80's dancing, it's a great video.

I did have the video posted, but it's a little sluggish when I actually post the video, can watch it here!

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