Tuesday, December 2, 2008

middle of the week nothingness

blaaah. Nothing too exciting this week. Just enjoying the most recent Killers album, Day & Age...good stuff. The single "Human" is good but definitely not the only good one on the cd. "Spaceman," and "Losing Touch" are two of my faves. I didn't ever get into Hot Fuss but I loved (and still love) Sam's Town. The latter being another one of those few albums where I actually like every single song, hands down. I think they are a creative band, you don't really hear anything like them. And I like Brandon Flower's voice. Speaking of that- at the Mates of State concert, a band called The Winter Sounds played and the lead singer's voice kind of made me think of The Killers. I haven't really listened to them since the concert because, low and behold, I can't remember what songs they played at the concert. None of their songs on itunes sound like what they played. ugghh hate it when that happens. But they were good and I plan on making a trek back to Greenville if they play there again. I am living in the WRONG TOWN. Shelby=complete lack of taste in anything good.

BUT that brings me to the Mates of State concert...it was totally great. I, of course, love their music in general but the organ sounds really great in concert. I guess it just has a loud, full sound that you can't really get out of car speakers or ipod player speakers. But I guess it's a well known fact that you can't capture the awesomeness of bands on a record. Live just equals awesome (as long as the band is actually good). I also loved that my MOM loved the concert. haha. She ended up going with me and really liked it. She's a music teacher so obviously she already has an appreciation for music in general, but I wasn't sure if she would actually like it. But she did. I'm glad I had the opportunity to expose her to fabulous music she wouldn't otherwise have ever really listened to. :)

In other randomness, I'm getting more and more into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O (lead singer) just embodies the term "kick-ass." There just aren't a lot of those kinds of female lead singers. Not ones who have the energy like she does. One of the things she is known for are the outlandish outfits she wears on stage, which I think is awesome. I mean, if I were a rock star, I think I'd wear completely crazy glittery nonsensical clothes too. Because rock stars can do whatever the f$#@ they want and get away with it...and I would take full advantage of that in the crazy-clothes-wearing department. Besides Karen O, the drummer and guitar player are both really talented. Or at least I think so. Need a gift idea for me? Any of their cd's. In cd format, because itunes isn't cutting it.

And I think I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to see Twilight...total disappointment. I mean, I did my best to go in without high expectations, but for real it was bad. The soundtrack is probably the only good thing about it (and I'm not really crazy excited about it either). I'll leave it at that.

I suppose I'll end this with a list of songs I'm most likely listening to in my car this week, just fyi.
1. "Spaceman" -The Killers
2. "Sweet Talk" -The Killers
3. "I'm With You" -The Stills
4. "These Days" -Mates of State
5. "Y Control" (Live at the Fillmore) -Yeah Yeah Yeahs
6. "How to Be Dead" -Snow Patrol
7. "The Old Apartment" -Barenaked Ladies
8. "Bette Davis Eyes" -Kim Carnes
9. "Maps" (Live at the Belfast Empire) -Duke Special (sidenote: This is a really great cover of one of my favorites from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This guy has a thick Irish accent that's almost humorous in the song, but his piano interpretation of it is really pretty.)
10. "When I Was Dreaming" -Tori Amos

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Crimefish22 said...

I have a band recommendation for you based on your musical tastes. Have you ever heard any TV on the Radio? I think their new album Dear Science would be right up your ally. I don't have it or we could do another swap. Also, ask a question in my mailbag dammit!