Sunday, February 28, 2010

a new hobby.

Second only to my obsession with music would be purses...bags of any kind, really. Cute, reusable shopping bags? Can't resist buying them. Totes? Clutches? Overnight bags? I'm pretty much obsessed with buying any form of bag you can think of. I think my love of purses has surpassed my love of shoes. Maybe.

So this brings me to my new hobby - being a Thirty-One Gifts consultant. In all honesty, I never really saw myself doing something like this. But after going to a Thirty-One party a couple weeks ago, I loved their stuff so much I just felt like it would be something enjoyable for me to do.

So far, I own the skirt purse, large utility tote, boardwalk bag, thermal tote, along with a few other items. The skirt purse is my favorite so far (seen in the picture) - it's really a great size. It's small compared to what I usually carry, but it's bigger than it looks. I still have plenty of room for everything - my (big-sized) wallet, blackberry, ipods (I carry two), small makeup bag, and more. AND, best thing about it is the skirt! I've seen skirt purses before (one purse with interchangeable "skirts" you can buy to change the look), but was never impressed. Most of the ones I had seen were obvious - you could seek all the hooks around the purse and I didn't like that. With the Thirty-One skirt purse, the hooks are completely hidden, so it looks like the skirt is the actual purse. And, of course, they have plenty of really cute different skirts to choose from.

Moving along. You can see the entire catalog here. And then you can make an order directly on my site - :) Almost all the items can be embroidered, so they make wonderful gifts for any occasion...birthdays, babies, great for bridesmaids, Christmas, etc. I will say that they have a lot of really great things for mommies. I think one of their bags has enough pockets for six sippy cups or something crazy like that (that could be an exaggeration, but trust me it was a lot). However, not being a mommy, I can say that a lot of the same items are great for just being organized.

As a consultant, I also facilitate parties. They do *not* have to be in-home parties, so realistically I could do a party for you if you lived three states away (a web party or catalog party). There are several benefits to hosting a party...discounts, free stuff, all those good things. And most importantly, it's fun.

I'm hoping this endeavor goes in a good direction, and whatever happens, I can at least say I tried. And it was a wonderful excuse to purchase large quantities of great purses and bags all at once!!! In all seriousness, feel free to leave a comment here with your email address if you have any questions, or email me at I'll be happy to answer!

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