Friday, March 26, 2010

Robyn resurfacing (part 2)

So, a few years back, I wrote a post about Robyn and how she was resurfacing in the pop world. Or the pop world here, rather. She never really faded out in Europe. Anyway, I have continued to keep up with her as I looooove her music and she is at it again. Her new single is called "Fembot" and can be heard here. Homegirl is leaps and bounds ahead of what the Beyonces and Christina Aguilera's are doing (or trying to do). She's on her own record label, the creativity juices seem to be flowing with no limits, and I could seriously listen to her new single probably ten times a day and not get tired of it...along with "Change of Heart" (also featured on her myspace page).

I still don't understand why she disappeared from the map here in the United States. I guess when her music & style evolved, we couldn't handle the change here. Not surprising. I find it ironic that she did back up vocals for Britney Spears on "Piece of Me," which = the back up singer being ten times better than the main act. Although that probably happens quite often.

Still can't get enough of her self-entitled album with tracks like "Be Mine!" and "Who's That Girl"...can't wait for the new one to come out!!! If she's fallen off your map, I'd say she is worth giving a second listen.


D said...

Thanks for the link, I've reciprocated :)

BTW, had no idea you were into music enough to bother blogging about it. Can I toss you a couple of (re)discoveries?

Fishboy -- Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll
--->Good ol' jangly indy rock. I particularly like this record because it tells a story and there's a recurring musical theme.

The Streets -- A Grand Don't Come for Free
---> I guess I like records that tell stories... This is an English rapper with weird rhymes. The record has a few stand-out songs, including a number 1 single in Britain, "Dry Your Eyes"

Aubrey said...

sweet! yeah, if only someone would pay me to sit and listen to music all day...haha. The Streets = awesome. First song I heard by him was "It's Too Late" in a coffee shop in Boone, and I bought it as soon as I found it on itunes. but that track and "Everything Is Borrowed" are the only two I have. I'll definitely be checking out A Grand Don't Come for Free along with Fishboy. thanks for the suggestions!