Thursday, September 8, 2011

End of the week updates, and some 90's music.

Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! I had a great one. First NC State game of the year, saw Ross's family and some of mine, and spent all day Monday cleaning *gasp*. And I mean seriously cleaning. Go me! I swear though, weeks that start on Tuesday feel longer than regular ones to me. Not sure why. At this point I'm working four days a week all the time, so it shouldn't be an issue. It's like even though you didn't have to deal with Monday, it isn't letting you get away with having an easier week. File that under things-I-have-no-right-to-complain-about. I know, I'm kind of heading towards late night/tired crazy rambling at this point.

So, we all know I have a small obsession with music before my time (or before my time-ish). Basically, all things 80's and 90's. Lately it's definitely been the 90's, though. One of the bands that would top my list as a 90's favorite AND an all-time favorite would be The Cranberries. I have always loved Dolores O'Riordan, specifically her completely unique voice coupled with that distinct Irish accent. One of my favorite things about their songs is the intricate two-part harmonies in every song (all Dolores). I have bits and pieces of different albums in my iTunes collection, but I've read elsewhere that No Need to Argue is one of those rare albums that you can always pick up and listen to all the way through and love it. I haven't done that, per se, but I can vouch for most the songs. From here, the only place to go is a list. A list of semi-lesser known songs I think you should listen to if you are remotely interested in The Cranberries.

1. No Need to Argue - Love. this. song. One of the saddest relationship-themed songs I have ever heard in my life. So bare and honest. Dolores O'Riordan's vocals+an organ=amazing. Worth sharing lyrics.
And I remember all the things we once shared, watching tv movies on the living room armchair, but they say it'll work out fine, was it all a waste of time, cause I knew, I knew I'd lose you.

2. Liar - Featured on the soundtrack for Empire Records

3. Twenty One - One of the few songs off No Need to Argue that I hadn't listened to until recently...currently a favorite.

4. Sunday - I actually owned Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We? on tape at some point, and remember rewinding and rewinding so I could listen to this song repeatedly in the car.

5. Free To Decide - from To the Faithful Departed, one of their albums that I'm not so familiar with.

Just a few suggestions. "Linger" holds a special place in my heart, because at the height of my guitar-playing career, I could play that song. yessss. Well, happy Friday, and go enjoy some good 90's music.

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