Sunday, November 21, 2010

visit to NYC & randomness

Finally getting settled after my first week back to work (always so much fun). Spent the week before that visiting NYC for the first time! LOVED it. Not somewhere I'd want to live, but I definitely want to go back - specifically closer to Christmas. Likes about the city: so much culture, so many different people, so many options. Dislikes: dirtiness, too many people, no sweet tea. And I take back my earlier statement. I think I could live there, but not for more than three years ish.

I have been watching a Grease 1 & 2 marathon for the better half of the day (while doing other things, so it wasn't completely unproductive). Of all movies that would get old fast, you'd think it would be those two.

New favorite: Florence + The Machine. I feel like they are old news (well, not old but not new), but I downloaded their album, Lungs, because it was $3.99 on amazon. Hellz yeah! "Cosmic Love" is my new favorite song, with "Unison" by Björk coming in at a close second. Florence Welch has one heck of a voice...saw her not too long ago on tv, and she was amazing. Considering that it's not unusual for singers to suck on tv/live, it says a lot to not be in that category of performers.

Really really excited that the Christmas season is here. Trying to find some good new xmas music to invest in, although I think I would be happy with just having Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong. And to all you I-want-to-celebrate-Thanksgiving-first haters out there, I have nothing to say to you. I bought a new small Christmas tree for my room today. :)

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