Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Christmas time, y'all...

and it's finally cold outside! Hooray! Yesterday it was 65 degrees, raining, and there was a tornado watch. Not what I would call ideal for the month of (or eve of) December. Living in Boone spoiled me though. Cold weather was frequently accompanied by snow there, and that rarely happens here. BUT I'm still happy that the Christmas season has arrived, and we've dipped below the 50 degree mark. :)

As far as gifts go this year...I intend on buying myself a semi-completely new wardrobe, since hardly anything I own fits. I thought I would try doing everything online, since it seems like that would be 100x easier than venturing into a mall this time of year. But I don't think it's going to work out. After spending an hour or so browsing around, I'm just hesitant to buy any piece of clothing that I can't actually pick up and feel. Plus, I'm never the same size in always just depends on the material/etc of whatever it is I'm buying. I know there are sizing charts, but I'm still leery. So I guess I'm stuck having to go out and shop for clothes, which honestly I think I'll be o.k. with.

I'm a last minute person when it comes to life in general, so I will be ahead of schedule if I have anything purchased for other people before December 15. Seems like it gets increasingly hard to buy gifts for people every year. I think it's because I look around, and it's like, no one I know is really in *need* of anything. And then you're just buying people random crap that they (a) didn't need and (b) probably didn't even really want. I go in circles with this every year.

Christmas music...I'm already tired of it I think. Which sucks. But you would be tired of it too if you had to listen to it eight hours a day. And for whatever reason, this particular station plays the SAME SONGS every day, eight hours a day. Not even a weekly variety. So I've about had my fill. However, I'm not tired of the movies on tv. I could watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Christmas Vacation every night until Christmas and be happy. And for whatever reason, Juno has been on tv the past five weekends in a row which = awesome.

I'll end with a playlist for the week, one that definitely does not have any Christmas songs on it.
1. Come Talk to Me -Bon Iver
2. I Grieve -Peter Gabirel
3. Solsbury Hill -Peter Gabriel
4. Bizarre Love Triangle -Charlotte Martin
5. Cloudbusting -Kate Bush
6. Keep Me In Your Pocket -Charlotte Martin
7. Walking Far from Home -Iron & Wine
8. Cosmic Love -Florence + The Machine
9. Unison -Bjork
10. Dog Days Are Over -Florence + The Machine

I've mostly been on a Peter Gabriel kick this week. He is hands down one of my most favorite artists of all time, and if you like Bon Iver, I'm very sure you'll love their cover of "Come Talk to Me."

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