Wednesday, December 15, 2010

too good not to share...

I love Iron & Wine. My first introduction to them was "Love and Some Verses," and I absolutely love the simplicity of their sound, but their lyrics are amazing. Recently downloaded the Walking Far from Home EP and I'm loving it. The title track was my first favorite, but I finally got around to listening to "Biting Your Tail," and it's officially my second favorite Iron & Wine song ever. I think. A close second behind "The Trapeze Swinger." So anyway, here are the lyrics:

may your eyes be wide and seeing
may you learn from the view where you're kneeling
know the fear of the world that you're feeling
is the fear of a slave

may you know how the fight was started
and want as much for the snake as the garden
wear them both like a glove
that you can wave

may your mouth betray your wisdom
and may you get what they fail to mention
may your love be your only religion
and preach it to us all

may you lose what you offer gladly
may you worship the time and its passing
the stars won't ever wait for you
to watch them fall

we're the smoke on a burnt horizon
we're the boat on a tide that's rising
both the post and the pig you're untying
butcher gone for the blade

someday we may all be happy
someday all make a face worth slapping
someday we may be shocked to be laughing
at the way we behave

may your hands be strong and willing
may you know when to speak and to listen
may you find every friend that you're missing
there's no check in the mail

may you end there bruised and purple
and know the pieces the shape of a circle
round and round you'll go
biting your tail

we're the journey and the wind is whipping
the short hand's on the clock still ticking
both the egg and the red fox grinning
his belly full for the day

someday we may all want nothing
and all forget that we'll get whats coming
someday all say the world was something
that we just couldn't change

may your tongue be something wicked
and know your part in the calf and the killing
see straight through the captain you're kissing
the helm lose in his hand

may your words be well worth stealing
and put your hand on your heart when you're singing
the choir's sick of the song
but they still gotta stand

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