Wednesday, January 19, 2011

currently loving

I give you...the bubble scarf:

LOVE this look. I happened to find this exact one for $14 from the lovely Hooks & Hammers shop on Etsy. (and it looks even prettier in person, which tends to be the case with etsy items) If you are interested, I recommend just searching "bubble scarf" and seeing what pops up. so much etsy goodness!

My impulsive and highly ambitious next purchase was the pattern for said bubble scarf. I know enough to sit for long periods of time and make the same crochet stitch repeatedly, but so far I've lost my patience with trying anything else. Maybe someday, though.


cailen ascher said...

what a cute scarf! LOVE it!!!

found you via 20sb and wanted to say "HI".

all the best,

Laura Fergie said...

Hey thanks for swinging by my blog!!
I love, love, love this look!! I've never heard of a bubble scarf before and OMG! I love the look of it!
Its perfect thing to order during this snowpocalypse!