Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend musings

This weekend I was reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to have such wonderful friends. It was my bachelorette weekend (spent in Charlotte), and SUCH a great one! Three of my friends from college were there, and two from high school, and my sister of course (who planned the whole thing). I'm so very glad to have friends from different stages of my life who I can still call my best friends. I'll end my sappy I-love-my-friends story now. But I think we all had a great time. Dinner at Rí Rá Irish Pub followed by Howl at the Moon and The Breakfast Club = awesome. As for The Breakfast Club, what could be better than dancing all night to some of the best 80's music while the actual movie is playing on a big screen on the wall?? So I was dancing to "Don't You (Forget About Me)" while simultaneously watching the scene where Claire gives Bender her diamond earring. Side note: "P.Y.T." is currently my favorite Michael Jackson song. Anyway, I made it to the next morning with only a horrible headache, and I considered that a relatively good outcome.

On my music radar right now is a band called Grouplove. I am loving the song "Colours" off their self-titled EP, which I bought. XM radio has made finding new music SO MUCH EASIER. And somehow, while browsing Frank Sinatra playlists on iTunes this weekend, I discovered a beautiful song called "Poses" by Rufus Wainwright. Pretty sure it's my favorite song right now. I love randomly stumbling upon great music.

Well, I'm really ready for this week to be over. I'm not going to lie and say I don't say that every Monday. But there is much wedding-related planning to be done, and I am ready to have it behind me so I can just make it to the big day! I feel like things have come together far better than they should have in such a small timeframe, and for that I am grateful. I'm just stuck in that completely in-between stage. Not married, some of my things are moved but some aren't, new apartment is filled with unpacked bags and boxes, furniture is mostly taken care of but not completely, all this halfway business is driving me crazy! Not much longer, though.

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