Wednesday, October 19, 2011

things to be excited about.

I feel like all my posts revolve around lists, but that's ok I guess.

Leather Baggus

I'm pretty stoked about this. Well, let's say 50% stoked, 50% not sure what to think. I absolutely love regular Baggus - nylon reusable shopping bags that come in all the happy, neon, and fun colors you could ever want. And I've thought before that they should come out with something a little more purse-like. Not to say that you couldn't use their nylon bags for that, but you know. Here is the answer, I suppose. Part of the appeal of Baggus is that they are effortlessly cute. Mostly because of the colors, but also because of the simplicity. And I think I love this. The ultimate question simplicity (even the 100% leather kind), worth $130.00?

New Blood

The new album from Peter Gabriel (orchestral remakes of older songs). Not many songs give me goosebumps these days, but every song (especially "In Your Eyes") off this album does. Some people might get tired of artists reinventing things all the time, but I love it. If songs are so good that they can be reinvented multiple times and be amazing in different ways, then why not?

Ranch House Crock Pot Pork Chops
Found at Real Mom Kitchen

No picture, but this recipe turned out great! I love it when recipes turn out well. :) This was super easy, and the flavor was really good. The recipe called for one can of cream of chicken soup, and one packet of ranch seasoning, but next time I'm going to do two of each. I also made mashed potatoes for the first time, and they turned out pretty well. Kind of bland, and I think everyone has their own take on the perfect mashed potatoes, so I'm open to input. On days like this (I was off work), I say to my husband: "See, don't you like me better when I don't have to work??" Seriously.

Some Additional New Music 
Obviously. Aside from Peter Gabriel, I have a new playlist this week. Hooray! Tracks include:
1. "If I Had a Gun" -Noel Gallagher.
My math goes a little something like this: Noel Gallagher - Liam Gallagher still = Oasis.
2. "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)" -The White Stripes
Not sure how I missed this one until now. Thank you, satellite radio.
If you haven't listened to this song, do it now.
4. "Mistakes" -Mates of State
We've been through this already.
5. "Mother" -Pink Floyd
I've become a little re-obsessed with this one after listening to Pearl Jam's cover.

KitchenAid Retweeted Me
Yes folks, you read that right. Do you even care? Probably not. But I'm kind of a big deal. You can view said tweet here. They didn't respond to my follow-up tweet regarding the free mixer I get for giving them such great advertising. #lame

Happy Thursday!

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